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Call to Action

Taking Action is an important step in gaining an understanding of Trade Unions and  how you can participate in union activities

This course has been designed specifically for union members who wish to become more active in their union.

Climate Justice

Hello and welcome to our course on Climate Justice!  

I’m sure by now, you are all well aware of the climate crisis. However, what may be less known is the impact it is going to have on human life. 

This course aims to illustrate the physical, political and economic consequences of our failed action and how it disproportionately falls on those already most vulnerable. We then examine the concept of a just transition which was popularised and led by the International labour movement and Ireland’s ambition in moving from the biggest polluter to a leader in climate action. 

Finally, this is a constructive topic and includes advice on how we can each do our bit to minimise the global crisis. It covers a broad range of tips so regardless of your lifestyle, or time, there is something for everyone!

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The purpose of this course is to create a greater awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace and its impact on members. We will also focus on what members should do if they are confronted with this issue as well as the supports available to them.

Understanding Trade Unions

Understanding Trade Unions is an important step in gaining an insight into the Trade Union movement, its purpose and its relevance for members. 

This course has been designed specifically for new and non-members so that they get a better understanding of how trade unions work.

Whistle Blowing

This course sheds light on the protections and support available for whistle blowers and examines some of the legislative provisions covering this area.
Teacher: Imelda Wall