Personal Development

Mental Health Awareness

Welcome to our course on Mental Health Awareness. This course defines what mental health is, explains what a mental illness is and introduces the mental health continuum model; Introduces the five ways to well-being, which are suggestions for small changes that can have a big positive impact on your mental health. Finally, it describes how to help people who are living with a mental illness.


Welcome to our course on MindfulnessWe all know how hectic life today can be. Often we are so busy we simply forget to slow down, breathe and just be present. FSU, CWU and Mandate know the principles of mindfulness are essential for a happy and peaceful life and we want to share these with you!

The course is free - but the benefits of mindfulness are invaluable!  Give it a try and aim to incorporate even just one of the exercises into your daily life and feel the results yourself.

Stress Management

The purpose of this course is to create a greater awareness of mental health and well-being among our members with a particular focus on stress management at work. Your union believes it is essential to promote good mental health at work and to provide sources of information and support for our members as required.